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California Lakes by County

Information about the lakes of California organized by county.

Alameda County Lakes

Bethany Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Bethany Forebay Dam
Across: California Aquaduct
Size: 169 acres
- Bethany Reservoir State Recreation Area
- Wikipedia "Bethany Reservoir" Article
- California Water Resources: Bethany Reservoir
- Turlock Lake State Recreation Area
- California Aquaduct Bikeway

Chabot Lake
Type: Reservoir
Lake Chabot Dam
Across: San Leandro Creek
Built: 1874-1875
Size: 317 acres
- Lake Chabot Regional Park
- Wikipedia "Lake Chabot" Article
- Lake Chabot History Walk (PDF)
- Piture of Lake Chabot

Del Valle Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Del Valle Dam
Size: 1,060 acres
- Lake Del Valle State Recreation Area
- Del Valle Regional Park
- Wikipedia "Lake Del Valle" Article
- SF Gate "Cool Off at Del Valle Reservoir" Article

Elizabeth Lake
Type: Reservoir
Size: 83 acres
- City of Fremont: Central Park and Lake Elizabeth

Merritt Lake
Type: Natural inlet dammed in the 1860s
Size: 155 acres
- Wikipedia "Lake Merritt" Article
- Lake Merritt Rowing Club

San Antonio Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: James H Turner Dam
Across: San Antonio Creek
Size: 825 acres
- Wikipedia "San Antonio reservoir" Article

Temescal Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Lake Temescal Dam
Across: Temescal Creek
Size: 15 acres
- Temescal Regional Recreation Area
- Wikipedia "Lake Temescal" Article
- Picture of Lake Temescal

Whitfield Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
- Wikipedia "Whitfield Reservoir" Article

Alpine County Lakes

Alpine Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Alpine CA00422 Dam
Size: 179 acres

Caples Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Caples Lake Dam
Size: 620 acres

Amador County Lakes

Amador Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Jackson Creek Dam
Size: 385 acres

Bear River Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Bear River Dam
Size: 149 acres

Lower Bear Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Lower Bear River Dam
Size: 710 acres

Silver Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Silver Lake CA00377 Dam
Size: 385 acres

Butte County Lakes

Oroville Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Oroville Dam
Size: 15,805 acres

Sly Creek Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Sly Creek Dam
Size: 563 acres

Thermalito Afterbay
Dam: Thermalito Afterbay Dam
Size: 4,302 acres

Thermalito Forebay
Dam: Thermalito Forebay Dam
Size: 630 acres

Calaveras County Lakes

McKay's Point Reservoir
Dam: McKay's Point Diversion Dam
Size: 35 acres

New Hogan Lake
Dam: New Hogan Dam
Size: 4,410 acres

Salt Spring Valley Reservoir
(Salt Springs Valley Dam
Size: 920 acres

Tulloch Reservoir
Dam: Tulloch Dam
Size: 1,260 acres

White Pines Lake
Near: Arnold and Big Trees State Park

Colusa County Lakes

`` East Park Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: East Park Dam
Size 1,820 acres

Contra Costa County Lakes

Lake Anza
Type: Reservoir
Dam: C L Tilden Park Dam
Size: 10 acres

Brickyard Cove Pond
flooded quarry
Size: 4 acres

Briones Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Briones Dam
Size: 735 acres

Clifton Court Forebay
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Clifton Court Forebay Dam
Size: 2,500 acres

Lake El Toyonal
Size: 1 acre

Hilltop Lake
Size: 4 acres

Jewel Lake
Type: Reservoir (1922)
Size: 1 acre

Lafayette Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Lafayette Dam
Size: 126 acres

Los Vaqueros Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Los Vaqueros Dam
Size: 1,480 acres

Miller/Knox Lagoon
Type: flooded quarries
Size: 3 acres

Point Potrero Pond
Type: flooded quarry
Size: 1 acre

San Pablo Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: San Pablo Dam
Size: 854 acres

El Dorado County Lakes

Lake Aloha
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Medley Lakes Dam
Size: 627 acres

Angora Lakes
Type: Natural lakes (glacial tarns)
Size: 30 acres

Brush Creek Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Brush Creek Dam
Size: 22 acres

Eagle Lake
Type: Natural lake
Size: 16 acres

Echo Lake
Type: Natural lakes raised by Echo Lake Dam
Size: 338 acres

Fallen Leaf Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Fallen Leaf Dam
Size: 1,408 acres

Francis Lake
Type: Natural Lake
Size: 3 acres

Gilmore Lake
Type: Natural Lake
Size: 72 acres

Jenkinson Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Sly Park Dam
Size: 677 acres

Loon Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Loon Lake Dam
Size: 1,450 acres

Lost Lake
Type: Natural Lake
Size: 2 acres

Pyramid Lake
Type: Natural Lake
Size: 9 acres

Slab Creek Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Slab Creek Dam
Size: 249 acres

Union Valley Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Union Valley Dam
Size: 2,575 acres

Waca Lake
Type: Natural Lake
Size: 4 acres

Lake of the Woods
Type: Natural Lake (glacial)
Size: 35 acres

Wrights Lake
Type: Natural Lake
Size: 45 acres

Fresno County Lakes

Balsam Forebay
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Balsam Meadow Dam
Size: 60 acres

Big Dry Creek Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Big Dry Creek Dam
Size: 2,151 acres

Charlotte Lake
Type: Natural Lake
Size: 30 acres

Courtright Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Courtright Dam
Size: 1,480 acres

Florence Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Florence Lake Dam
Size: 962 acres

Hume Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Hume Lake Dam
Size: 85 acres

Huntington Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Huntington Lake 1 Dam
Size: 1,441 acres

Lake of the Lone Indian
Type: Natural Lake
Size: 12 acres

Martha Lake
Type: Natural Lake
Size: 90 acres

Pine Flat Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Pine Flat Dam
Size: 5,970 acres

Rae Lakes
Type: Natural Lakes
Size: 100 acres

Shaver Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Shaver Lake Dam
Size: 2,177 acres

Squaw Lake
Type: Natural Lake
Size: 4 acres

Thomas A. Edison Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Vermilion Valley Dam
Size: 1,878 acres

Lake Virginia
Type: Natural Lake
Size: 70 acres

Lake Wishon
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Wishon Dam
Size: 970 acres

Glen County Lakes

Stony Gorge Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Stony Gorge Dam
Size: 1,280 acres

Imperial County Lakes

Brock Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Size: 485 acres

Imperial Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Imperial Diversion Dam
Size: 7,300 acres

Inyo County Lakes

Badwater Basin Inyo 255963 natural dry lake (endorheic basin)

Diaz Lake Inyo 259354 80 acres (32 ha)[20]

Loch Leven Inyo 262760 natural lake 7 acres (2.8 ha)

Lake Manly Inyo former natural lake (endorheic rift)

Mills Lake Inyo 263652 natural lake 4 acres (1.6 ha)

Owens Lake Inyo 272820 natural dry lake

Lake Sabrina Inyo 265702 Type: Reservoir (Sabrina Dam) 184 acres (74 ha)[15]

Tinemaha Reservoir Inyo 236383 Type: Reservoir (Tinemaha Dam) 2,098 acres (849 ha)[18]

Kern County Lakes

Buena Vista Lake Kern 1683006 former natural lake drained in the mid 20th century

Lake Evans Kern 2359829 86 acres (35 ha)[24]

Isabella Lake Kern 271737 Type: Reservoir (Isabella Dam) 11,400 acres (4,600 ha)[14]

Kern Lake Kern 255514 former natural lake drained in the 19th century

Koehn Lake Kern 244357 natural dry lake (endorheic basin)

Lake Ming Kern 1839119 Type: Reservoir (Kern River County Park Dam) 113 acres (46 ha)[9]

Rogers Dry Lake Kern 248327 natural dry lake (endorheic basin)

Lake Webb Kern 2359809 873 acres (353 ha)[24]

Kings County Lakes

Tulare Lake
Former natural lake drained in the late 19th century

Lake County Lakes

Lake 258441 natural lake raised by Cache Creek Dam 43,800 acres (17,700 ha)[8]

Indian Valley Reservoir Type: Reservoir (Indian Valley Dam) 4,000 acres (1,600 ha)[9]

Lake Pillsbury Type: Reservoir (Scott Dam) 2,000 acres (810 ha)[15]

Timber Lake natural lake 0.8 acres (0.32 ha)

Lassen County Lakes

Butte Lake natural lake 130 acres (53 ha)

Dodge Reservoir Type: Reservoir (Red Rock No. 1 Dam) 491 acres (199 ha)[15]

Eagle Lake natural lake (endorheic) 21,500 acres (8,700 ha)[22]

Hog Flat Reservoir Type: Reservoir (Hog Flat Dam) 1,000 acres (400 ha)[9]

Honey Lake natural lake (endorheic sink) 47,000 acres (19,000 ha)[26]

Lake Leavitt Type: Reservoir (Lake Leavitt Dam) 1,142 acres (462 ha)[9]

McCoy Flat Reservoir Type: Reservoir (McCoy Flat Dam) 1,800 acres (730 ha)[9]

Moon Lake Type: Reservoir (Tule Lake Dam) 2,650 acres (1,070 ha)[18]

Mountain Meadows Reservoir Type: Reservoir (Indian Ole Dam) 5,800 acres (2,300 ha)[9]

Snag Lake natural lake 300 acres (120 ha)

Los Angeles County Lakes

Lake Balboa 27 acres (11 ha)[11]

Baldwin Hills Reservoir former reservoir (Baldwin Hills Dam) breached in 1963

Baldwin Lake Natural lake[12] 1 acre (0.40 ha)

Big Tujunga Reservoir Type: Reservoir (Big Tujunga No. 1 Dam) 83 acres (34 ha)[8]

Bouquet Reservoir Type: Reservoir (Bouquet Canyon Dam) 628 acres (254 ha)[8]

Castaic Lake Type: Reservoir (Castaic Dam) 2,235 acres (904 ha)[8]

Cogswell Reservoir Type: Reservoir (Cogswell Dam) 146 acres (59 ha)[8]

Crystal Lake natural lake 4 acres (1.6 ha)

Eaton Wash Reservoir flood-control reservoir (Eaton Wash Debris Basin Dam) 54 acres

Elizabeth Lake natural lake (sag pond) 160 acres

Encino Reservoir Type: Reservoir (Encino Dam) 158 acres

Hansen Flood Control Basin flood-control reservoir (Hansen Recreational Lake Dam) 11 acres

Hollywood Reservoir Type: Reservoir (Mulholland Dam) 82 acres

Hughes Lake natural lake (sag pond) 15 acres

Ivanhoe Reservoir Type: Reservoir (1906) 10 acres

Lincoln Park Lake 2 acres

Malibu Lake Los Type: Reservoir (Malibu Lake Club Dam) 55 acres (22 ha)[9]

Malibu Reservoir Type: Reservoir (Rindge Dam) 4 acres (1.6 ha)

Morris Reservoir Type: Reservoir (Morris Dam) 420 acres (170 ha)[9]

Munz Lakes natural lake (sag pond) 8 acres (3.2 ha)

Pacoima Reservoir Type: Reservoir (Pacoima Dam) 68 acres (28 ha)[15]

Lake Palmdale Type: Reservoir (Harold Reservoir Dam) 218 acres (88 ha)[9]

Puddingstone Reservoir Type: Reservoir (Puddingstone Dam) 490 acres (200 ha)[9]

Pyramid Lake Type: Reservoir (Pyramid Dam) 1,360 acres (550 ha)[15]

Quail Lake Type: Reservoir 120 acres (49 ha)

San Gabriel Reservoir Type: Reservoir (San Gabriel No 1 Dam) 560 acres (230 ha)[15]

Santa Anita Reservoir Type: Reservoir (Big Santa Anita Dam) 17 acres (6.9 ha)[8]

Santa Fe Reservoir flood-control reservoir (Santa Fe Dam) 1,079 acres (437 ha)[14]

Sepulveda Flood Control Basin flood-control reservoir (Sepulveda Dam) 1,340 acres (540 ha)[14]

Silver Lake Reservoir Type: Reservoir (Silver Lake CA00081 Dam) 77 acres (31 ha)[15]

Stone Canyon Reservoir Type: Reservoir (Stone Canyon Dam) 138 acres (56 ha)[15]

Toluca Lake natural lake 4 acres (1.6 ha)

Whittier Narrows Reservoir flood-control reservoir (Whittier Narrows Dam) 2,500 acres (1,000 ha)[14]

Madera County Lakes

Bass Lake Madera 266417 Type: Reservoir (Crane Valley Storage Dam) 1,165 acres (471 ha)[8]

Ediza Lake Madera 222988 natural lake 20 acres (8.1 ha)

Hensley Lake Madera 1664770 Type: Reservoir (Hidden Dam) 1,500 acres (610 ha)[25]

Minaret Lake Madera 263664 natural lake 35 acres (14 ha)

Thousand Island Lake Madera 268247 natural lake (alpine) 120 acres (49 ha)

Marin County Lakes

Abbotts Lagoon Marin 217942 natural lake (submerged valley)[6] 200 acres (81 ha)[7]

Alpine Lake Marin 218169 Type: Reservoir (Alpine CA00204 Dam) 224 acres (91 ha)[8]

Bass Lake Marin 233463 natural lake 6 acres (2.4 ha)

Belvedere Lagoon Marin 233490 artificial lagoon 66 acres (27 ha)[13]

Bon Tempe Lake Marin 219620 Type: Reservoir (Bon Tempe Dam) 140 acres (57 ha)[8]

Kent Lake Marin 226521 and 1663440 Type: Reservoir (Peters Dam) 431 acres (174 ha)[15]

Lake Lagunitas Marin 226790 Type: Reservoir (Lagunitas Dam) 22 acres (8.9 ha)[9]

Nicasio Reservoir Marin 229536 Type: Reservoir (Seeger Dam) 845 acres (342 ha)[15]

Rodeo Lagoon Marin 231805 natural lake (submerged valley) 25 acres (10 ha)

Svtafford Lake Marin 235342 Type: Reservoir (Novato Creek Dam) 195 acres (79 ha)[15]

Mariposa County Lakes

Cathedral Lakes Mariposa 254722 natural lakes 65 acres (26 ha)

Emerald Pool Mariposa 253729 natural lake 1 acre (0.40 ha)

May Lake Mariposa 228255 natural lake 40 acres (16 ha)

Lake McClure Mariposa 245652 Type: Reservoir (New Exchequer Dam) 7,147 acres (2,892 ha)[15]

Mirror Lake Mariposa 253549 natural lake (glacial) 8 acres (3.2 ha)[34]

Ostrander Lake Mariposa 264410 natural lake 18 acres (7.3 ha)

Tenaya Lake Mariposa 255125 natural lake (alpine) 100 acres (40 ha)

Mendocino County Lakes

Mendocino Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Coyote Valley Dam
Size: 1,922 acres

Van Arsdale Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Van Arsdale Dam
Size: 163 acres

Merced County Lakes

Kesterson Reservoir Merced former drainage reservoirs (1971) now wetlands[30]

O'Neill Forebay Merced 254988 Type: Reservoir (O'Neill Dam) 2,250 acres (910 ha)[14]

San Luis Reservoir Merced 232446 Type: Reservoir (B. F. Sisk Dam) 13,000 acres (5,300 ha)[14]

Lake Yosemite Merced 233393 Type: Reservoir (Lake Yosemite Dam) 500 acres (200 ha)[18]

Modoc County Lakes

Big Sage Reservoir Modoc 219248 Type: Reservoir (Big Sage Dam) 5,270 acres (2,130 ha)[8]

Clear Lake Reservoir Modoc 221199 Type: Reservoir (Clear Lake Dam) 24,800 acres (10,000 ha)[14]

Dorris Reservoir Modoc 263719 Type: Reservoir (Dorris Dam) 1,060 acres (430 ha)[14]

Goose Lake Modoc 224325 natural intermittent lake (glacial) 94,000 acres (38,000 ha)

Raker and Thomas Reservoirs Modoc 267153 Type: Reservoirs (Big Dobe North Dam, Big Dobe South Dam) 2,400 acres (970 ha)[8]

Mono County Lakes

Bridgeport Reservoir Mono 254662 Type: Reservoir (Bridgeport Dam) 3,125 acres (1,265 ha) [8]

Convict Lake Mono 258663 natural lake 150 acres (61 ha)

Crowley Lake Mono 233743 Type: Reservoir (Long Valley Dam) 5,280 acres (2,140 ha)[9]

Grant Lake Mono 260769 Type: Reservoir (Grant Lake Dam) 1,095 acres (443 ha)[8]

June Lake Mono 262048 natural lake (subalpine) 120 acres (49 ha)

Mono Lake Mono 263749 natural lake (endorheic) 55,179 acres (22,330 ha)[35]

Peeler Lake Mono 1652854 natural lake 70 acres (28 ha)

Stanford Lake Mono 267667 natural lake 5 acres (2.0 ha)

Tioga Lake Mono 236388 Type: Reservoir (Tioga Lake Dam) 73 acres (30 ha)[18]

Topaz Lake Mono 861754 natural lake raised by diversions and levees 2,410 acres (980 ha)[40]

Twin Lakes Mono 268523 natural lakes 40 acres (16 ha)

Virginia Lakes Mono 268708 natural lakes 50 acres (20 ha)

Napa County Lakes

Berryessa Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Monticello Dam
Size: 20,700 acres

Duvall Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Duvall Dam
Size: 17 acres

Hennessey Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Conn Creek Dam
Size: 790 acres

Nevada County Lakes

Beyers Lakes
Nevada 256864
natural lakes
12 acres (4.9 ha)

Boca Reservoir
Nevada 219570
Type: Reservoir
(Boca Dam)
977 acres (395 ha)[14]

Bowman Lake
Nevada 257403
Type: Reservoir
(Bowman Dam)
825 acres (334 ha)[8]

Donner Lake Nevada
natural lake
(dammed by moraine)
raised by Donner Lake Dam
960 acres (390 ha)[21]

Englebright Lake
Counties: Nevada County and Yuba County
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Englebright Dam
Size: 815 acres

French Lake Reservoir
Nevada 260397
Type: Reservoir (
French Lake Dam)
337 acres (136 ha)[8]

Martis Creek Lake
Nevada 1655186
Type: Reservoir
(Martis Creek Dam)
768 acres (311 ha)[14]

Scotts Flat Reservoir
Nevada 265944
Type: Reservoir
(Scotts Flat Dam)
725 acres (293 ha)[15]

Lake Spaulding
Nevada 267558
Type: Reservoir
(Lake Spaulding Dam)
698 acres (282 ha)[9]

Orange County Lakes

Brea Reservoir Orange 255959 Type: Reservoir (Brea Dam) 161 acres (65 ha)[14]

Carbon Canyon Reservoir Orange Type: Reservoir (Carbon Canyon Dam) 221 acres (89 ha)[14]

Lake Irvine Orange 1663533 Type: Reservoir (Santiago Creek Dam) 650 acres (260 ha)[15]

Laguna Lakes Orange 244520 natural lakes 20 acres (8.1 ha)

Lake Mission Viejo Orange 17 (Lake Mission Viejo Dam) 150 acres (61 ha)[9]

San Joaquin Reservoir Orange 248867 Type: Reservoir (San Joaquin Reservoir Dam) 50 acres (20 ha)[15]

Sulphur Creek Reservoir Orange 250042 Type: Reservoir (Sulphur Creek Dam) 40 acres (16 ha)[15]

Placer County Lakes

Lake Clementine Placer 264177 Type: Reservoir (North Fork CA10110 Dam) 279 acres (113 ha)[14]

French Meadows Reservoir Placer 260398 Type: Reservoir (L L Anderson Dam) 1,344 acres (544 ha)[9]

Hell Hole Reservoir Placer 261246 and 1664177 Type: Reservoir (Lower Hell Hole Dam) 1,250 acres (510 ha)[9]

Loch Leven Lakes Placer 262761 natural lakes 6 acres (2.4 ha)

Prosser Creek Reservoir Placer 1654936 Type: Reservoir (Prosser Creek Dam) 734 acres (297 ha)[14]

Sugar Pine Reservoir Placer 274923 Type: Reservoir (Sugar Pine Dam) 161 acres (65 ha)[15]

Plumas County Lakes

Lake Almanor Plumas 256197 Type: Reservoir (Lake Almanor Dam) 28,257 acres (11,435 ha)[9]

Antelope Lake Plumas 256274 Type: Reservoir (Antelope Dam) 931 acres (377 ha)[8]

Bucks Lake Plumas 266504 Type: Reservoir (Bucks Storage Dam) 1,827 acres (739 ha)[8]

Butt Valley Reservoir Plumas 257757 Type: Reservoir (Butt Valley Dam) 1,600 acres (650 ha)[8]

Lake Davis Plumas 259098 Type: Reservoir (Grizzly Valley Dam) 4,026 acres (1,629 ha)[8]

Frenchman Lake Plumas 260408 Type: Reservoir (Frechman Dam) 1,580 acres (640 ha)[8]

Little Grass Valley Reservoir Plumas 262610 reservoir (Little Grass Valley Dam) 1,433 acres (580 ha)[9]

Murphy Lake Plumas 229353 natural lake 3 acres (1.2 ha)

Riverside County Lakes

Barker Reservoir Riverside Type: Reservoir (Barker Dam) 0.2 acres (0.081 ha)

Canyon Lake Riverside 273171 Type: Reservoir (Railroad Canyon Dam) 525 acres (212 ha)[15]

Diamond Valley Lake Riverside 2358949 Type: Reservoir (Diamond Valley Lake Dam) 4,860 acres (1,970 ha)[8]

Lake Elsinore Riverside 271058 natural lake (sag pond) 3,000 acres (1,200 ha)[5]

Lake Hemet Riverside 271544 Type: Reservoir (Lake Hemet Dam) 470 acres (190 ha)[9]

Lee Lake Riverside 272013 Type: Reservoir (Lee Lake Dam) 70 acres (28 ha)[9]

Lost Lake Riverside 245215 natural lake 5 acres (2.0 ha)

Lake Loveland Riverside 272249 Type: Reservoir (Lake Loveland Dam) 454 acres (184 ha)[9]

Lake Mathews Riverside 271966 Type: Reservoir (Mathews Dam) 2,750 acres (1,110 ha)[9]

Mystic Lake Riverside natural lake 200 acres (81 ha)

Lake Perris Riverside 247390 Type: Reservoir (Perris Dam) 2,340 acres (950 ha)[15]

Lake Skinner Riverside 249541 Type: Reservoir (Skinner Clearwell Dam) 1,400 acres (570 ha)[38]

Vail Lake Riverside 250880 Type: Reservoir (Vail Dam) 1,078 acres (436 ha)[18]

Sacramento County Lakes

Natoma Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Nimbus Dam
Size: 540 acres

Rancho Seco Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Rancho Seco Dam
Size: 165 acres

San Benito County Lakes

Hernandez Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Hernandez Dam
Size: 590 acres

San Justo Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: San Justo Dam
Size: 202 acres

San Bernardino County Lakes

Arrowhead Lake Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
(Lake Arrowhead Dam)
780 acres
- About Lake Arrowhead
- Lake Arrowhead Travel Guide

Baldwin Lake
natural intermittent lake

Bicycle Lake
natural dry lake (endorheic basin)

Big Bear Lake
Type: Reservoir
(Bear Valley Dam)
2,649 acres
- About Big Bear Lake
- Big Bear lake Travel Guide

Bristol Lake
natural dry lake (endorheic basin)

Broadwell Lake
natural dry lake (endorheic basin)

Cedar Lake
Type: Reservoir
(Cedar Lake Dam)
3 acres

Coyote Lake
natural dry lake (endorheic basin)

Cuddeback Lake
natural dry lake (endorheic basin)

Danby Lake
natural dry lake (endorheic basin)

El Mirage Lake
natural dry lake (endorheic basin)

Emerson Lake
natural dry lake (endorheic basin)

Goldstone Lake
natural dry lake

Green Valley Lake
Type: Reservoir
(Green Valley Dam)
22 acres

Lake Gregory
Type: Reservoir
(Lake Gregory Dam)
88 acres

Harper Lake
natural lake

Lake Havasu
Type: Reservoir
(Parker Dam)
20,400 acres

Hesperia Lake
12 acres

Ivanpah Lake
natural dry lake (endorheic basin)

Jenks Lake
natural lake
6 acres

Lucerne Lake
natural dry lake (endorheic basin)

Lake Manix
former natural lake (glacial)

Lake Mojave
former natural lake (glacial)

Nelson Lake
natural dry lake (endorheic basin)

Red Pass Lake
natural dry lake (endorheic basin)

San Antonio Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
(San Antonio CA10023 Dam)
793 acres

Searles Lake
natural dry lake (endorheic basin)

Seven Oaks Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
(Seven Oaks Dam)
177 acres

Silver Lake
natural dry lake (endorheic basin)

Silverwood Lake
Type: Reservoir
(Cedar Springs Dam)
990 acres

Soda Lake
natural dry lake (endorheic basin)

Superior Lake
natural dry lake

Lake Tuendae
Type: Reservoir (1955)
1.4 acres

San Diego County Lakes

Dixon Lake San Diego 1868662 Type: Reservoir (Dixon Dam) 69 acres (28 ha)[8]

El Capitan Reservoir San Diego 271028 Type: Reservoir (El Capitan Dam) 1,562 acres (632 ha)[8]

Lake Henshaw San Diego 271554 Type: Reservoir (Henshaw Dam) 2,000 acres (810 ha)[9]

Lake Hodges San Diego 255549 Type: Reservoir (Lake Hodges Dam) 1,317 acres (533 ha)[9]

Lake Jennings San Diego 244046 Type: Reservoir (Chet Harritt Dam) 176 acres (71 ha)[8]

Lower Otay Reservoir San Diego 245268 Type: Reservoir (Savage Dam) 1,110 acres (450 ha)[15]

Miramar Reservoir San Diego 245983 Type: Reservoir (Miramar Dam) 162 acres (66 ha)[9]

Morena Reservoir San Diego 272555 Type: Reservoir (Morena Dam) 1,475 acres (597 ha)[9]

Lake Murray San Diego 246390 Type: Reservoir (Murray Dam) 200 acres (81 ha)[9]

Olivenhain Reservoir San Diego 2725785 Type: Reservoir (Olivehain Dam) 203 acres (82 ha)[15]

Lake Poway San Diego 1868884 Type: Reservoir (Lake Poway Dam) 35 acres (14 ha)

Lake Ramona San Diego Type: Reservoir (Lake Ramona Dam) 155 acres (63 ha)[15]

San Vicente Reservoir San Diego 248974 Type: Reservoir (San Vicente Dam) 1,680 acres (680 ha)[15]

Sweetwater Reservoir San Diego 273984 Type: Reservoir (Sweetwater Main Dam) 936 acres (379 ha)[15]

Lake Wohlford San Diego 255889 Type: Reservoir (Lake Wohlford Dam) 225 acres (91 ha)[18]

San Francisco County Lakes

Laguna Honda Reservoir San Francisco 226775 Type: Reservoir 5 acres (2.0 ha)

Lloyd Lake San Francisco 227443 1 acre (0.40 ha)

Lake Merced San Francisco 228515 natural lake (dammed by sand bar) 266 acres (108 ha)[32]

Sunset Reservoir San Francisco 235813 Type: Reservoir (Sunset North Basin Dam) 12 acres (4.9 ha)[15]

San Luis Obispo County Lakes

Lopez Lake San Luis Obispo 255632 Type: Reservoir (Lopez Dam) 950 acres (380 ha)[9]

Lake Nacimiento San Luis Obispo 255655 Type: Reservoir (Nacimiento Dam) 5,400 acres (2,200 ha)[15]

Santa Margarita Lake San Luis Obispo 273557 Type: Reservoir (Salinas Dam) 793 acres (321 ha)[14]

Soda Lake San Luis Obispo 273796 natural alkali lake (endorheic basin)

Whale Rock Reservoir San Luis Obispo 274456 Type: Reservoir (Whale Rock Dam) 594 acres (240 ha)[18]

San Mateo County Lakes

Bear Gulch Reservoir San Mateo 218853 Type: Reservoir (Bear Gulch Dam) 25 acres (10 ha)[8]

Crystal Springs Reservoir San Mateo 234208 and 236879 Type: Reservoirs (Lower Crystal Springs Dam) 1,323 acres (535 ha)[9]

San Andreas Lake San Mateo 253895 Type: Reservoir (San Andreas Dam) 550 acres (220 ha)[15]

Searsville Lake San Mateo 232764 Type: Reservoir (Searsville Dam) 90 acres (36 ha)[15]

Santa Barbara County Lakes

Lake Cachuma Santa Barbara 270134 Type: Reservoir (Bradbury Dam) 3,100 acres (1,300 ha)[14]

Gibraltar Reservoir Santa Barbara 242698 Type: Reservoir (Gibraltar Dam) 335 acres (136 ha)[8]

Laguna Blanca Santa Barbara 271952 natural lake 6 acres (2.4 ha)

Santa Clara County Lakes

Almaden Reservoir Santa Clara 218156 Type: Reservoir (Almaden Dam) 62 acres (25 ha)[8]

Anderson Reservoir Santa Clara 218262 Type: Reservoir (Leroy Anderson Dam) 980 acres (400 ha)[9]

Calero Reservoir Santa Clara 220391 Type: Reservoir (Calero Dam) 337 acres (136 ha)[8]

Chesbro Reservoir Santa Clara 220969 Type: Reservoir (Elmer J. Chesbro Dam) 328 acres (133 ha)[8]

Coyote Lake Santa Clara 221754 Type: Reservoir (Coyote Dam) 635 acres (257 ha)[8]

Lake Cunningham Santa Clara Type: Reservoir (1979) 50 acres (20 ha)[19]

Lake Elsman Santa Clara 233849 Type: Reservoir (Austrian Dam) 96 acres (39 ha)[8]

Guadalupe Reservoir Santa Clara 233968 Type: Reservoir (Guadelupe Dam) 75 acres (30 ha)[8]

Lake Lagunita Santa Clara 226786 Type: Reservoir (Lagunita Dam) 37 acres (15 ha)[9]

Lexington Reservoir Santa Clara 227053 Type: Reservoir (James J. Lenihan Dam) 450 acres (180 ha)[9]

Pacheco Lake Santa Clara 230195 Type: Reservoir (North Fork CA00299 Dam) 197 acres (80 ha)[15]

Stevens Creek Reservoir Santa Clara 235454 Type: Reservoir (Stevens Creek Dam) 95 acres (38 ha)[15]

Uvas Reservoir Santa Clara 236945 Type: Reservoir (Uvas Dam) 280 acres (110 ha)[18]

Vasona Reservoir Santa Clara 237032 Type: Reservoir (Vasona Percolating Dam) 58 acres (23 ha)[18]

Santa Cruz County Lakes

Antonelli Pond
Type: Reservoir
Size: 7 acres

Loch Lomond
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Newell Dam
Size: 172 acres

Shasta County Lakes

Baker Lake Shasta 256446 natural lake 10 acres (4.0 ha)

Lake Britton Shasta 257466 Type: Reservoir (Pit #3 Dam) 1,265 acres (512 ha)[15]

Emerald Lake Shasta 259892 natural lake 4 acres (1.6 ha)

Lake Helen Shasta 261236 natural lake (glacial tarn) 25 acres (10 ha)

Horseshoe Lake Shasta 261530 natural lake 70 acres (28 ha)

Iron Canyon Reservoir Shasta 253142 Type: Reservoir (Iron Canyon Dam) 510 acres (210 ha)[9]

Keswick Reservoir Shasta 1664622 Type: Reservoir (Keswick Dam) 640 acres (260 ha)[14]

Manzanita Lake Shasta 263161 natural lake (dammed by landslide) 30 acres (12 ha)

Mary Lake Shasta 223361 Type: Reservoir 10 acres (4.0 ha)

Pit Six Reservoir Shasta 276966 Type: Reservoir (Pit #6 Dam) 265 acres (107 ha)[15]

Pit 7 Reservoir Shasta 276757 Type: Reservoir (Pit No. 7 Dam) 470 acres (190 ha)[15]

Lake Shasta Shasta 253897 Type: Reservoir (Shasta Dam) 29,740 acres (12,040 ha)[14]

Spring Creek Reservoir Shasta 276984 Type: Reservoir (Spring Creek Dam) 87 acres (35 ha)[14]

Summit Lake Shasta 253947 natural lake 7 acres (2.8 ha)

Whiskeytown Lake Shasta 268967 Type: Reservoir (Whiskeytown Dam) 3,220 acres (1,300 ha)[14]

Sierra County Lakes

Stampede Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Stampede Dam
Size: 3,450 acres

Siskiyou County Lakes

Castle Lake Siskiyou 220688 natural lake (glacial tarn) 47 acres (19 ha)[17]

Copco Lake Siskiyou 221531 Type: Reservoir (Copco No 1 Dam) 1,000 acres (400 ha)[8]

Deep Lake Siskiyou 259194 natural lake 66 acres (27 ha)

Iron Gate Reservoir Siskiyou 261813 Type: Reservoir (Iron Gate Dam) 1,000 acres (400 ha)[9]

Lower Klamath Lake Siskiyou 263023 natural lake 12,000 acres (4,900 ha)

Meiss Lake Siskiyou 263447 natural lake (endorheic) 3,750 acres (1,520 ha)[31]

Lake Shastina Siskiyou 267233 Type: Reservoir (Shasta River Dam) 1,850 acres (750 ha)[15]

Lake Siskiyou Siskiyou 276818 Type: Reservoir (Box Canyon Dam) 430 acres (170 ha)[15]

Sonoma County Lakes

Fountaingrove Lake Sonoma 1799345 Type: Reservoir (Fountaingrove Dam) 33 acres (13 ha)[8]

Lake Ilsanjo Sonoma 1799358 Type: Reservoir (1950s) 26 acres (11 ha)[27]

Petaluma Reservoir Sonoma 230559 Type: Reservoir (Lawler Dam) 10 acres (4.0 ha)[37]

Lake Ralphine Sonoma 231194 Type: Reservoir (Lake Ralphine Dam) 19 acres (7.7 ha)[15]

Roberts Lake Sonoma 1799646 Type: Reservoir 5 acres (2.0 ha)

Santa Rosa Creek Reservoir Sonoma 232564 Type: Reservoir (Santa Rosa Creek Reservoir Dam) 154 acres (62 ha)[15]

Lake Sonoma Sonoma 234892 Type: Reservoir (Warm Springs Dam) 3,600 acres (1,500 ha)[14]

Lake Suttonfield Sonoma 253226 Type: Reservoir (Suttenfield Dam) 24 acres (9.7 ha)[15]

Tolay Lake Sonoma natural lake partly drained in the 19th century

Stanislaus County Lakes

Modesto Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Modesto Dam
3,800 acres

Naraghi Lake
Type: Reservoir
Size: 13 acres

Turlock Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Turlock Lake Dam
Size: 3,260 acres

Woodward Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Woodward Dam
Size: 2,427 acres

Sutter County Lakes

Murphy Lake
Former natural lake

Tehama County Lakes

Square Lake
Type: Natural lake
Size: 0.7 acres

Trinity County Lakes

Emerald Lake
natural lake
Size: 20 acres

Lewiston Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Lewiston Dam
Size: 750 acres

Ruth Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Robert W Matthews Dam
Size: 2,750 acres

Sapphire Lake
natural lake
Size: 15 acres

Trinity Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Trinity Dam
Size: 16,535 acres

Tulare County Lakes

Eagle Lake
natural lake
Size: 20 acres

Kaweah Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Terminus Dam
Size: 1,945 acres

Lake Success
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Success Dam
Size: 2,450 acres

Tuolumne County Lakes

Beardsley Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Beardsley Dam
Size: 650 acres

Camp Lake
natural lake
Size: 6 acres

Cherry Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Cherry Valley Dam
Size: 1,535 acres

Don Pedro Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Don Pedro Dam
Size: 12,960 acres

Donnell Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Donnells Dam
Size: 401 acres

Lake Eleanor
Type: Reservoir
(Lake Eleanor CA00121 Dam
Size: 953 acres

Flora Lake
natural lake
Size: 9 acres

Hetch Hetchy Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: O'Shaughnessy Dam
Size: 1,972 acres

Lyons Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Lyons Dam
Size: 184 acres

New Spicer Meadow Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: New Spicer Meadow Dam
Size: 1,998 acres

Pinecrest Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Main Strawberry Dam
Size: 300 acres

Twain Harte Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Twain Harte Dam
Size: 12 acres

Lake Vernon
natural lake
Size: 40 acres

Ventura County Lakes

Lake Casitas
Casitas Dam
Size: 2,700 acres

Lake Eleanor
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Lake Eleanor CA00737 Dam
Size: 9 acres

Lake Piru
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Santa Felicia Dam
Size: 1,240 acres

Lake Sherwood
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Lake Sherwood Dam
Size: 163 acres

Yuba County Lakes

Collins Lake
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Virginia Ranch Dam
Size: 975 acres

Ellis Lake
Size: 20 acres

New Bullards Bar Reservoir
Type: Reservoir
Dam: New Bullards Bar Dam
Size: 4,810 acres

Multiple County Lakes

Calaveras Reservoir
Counties: Alameda and Santa Clara
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Calaveras Dam
Size: 1,450 acres

Pardee Reservoir
Counties: Amador and Calaveras
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Pardee Dam
Size: 2,134 acres

Salt Springs Reservoir
Counties: Amador and Calaveras
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Salt Springs Dam
Size: 975 acres

Camanche Reservoir
Counties: Amador, Calaveras, and San Joaquin
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Camanche Dam
Size: 7,700 acres

New Melones Lake
Counties: Calaveras and Tuolumne
Type: Reservoir
Dam: New Melones Dam
Size: 12,500 acres

Lake Tahoe
Counties: El Dorado and Placer
Type: Natural lake raised by Lake Tahoe Dam
Size: 122,000 acres

Folsom Lake
Counties: El Dorado, Placer, and Sacramento
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Folsom Dam
Size: 11,450 acres

Mammoth Pool Reservoir
Counties: Fresno and Madera
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Mammoth Pool Dam
Size: 1,100 acres

Millerton Lake
Counties: Fresno and Madera
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Friant Dam
Size: 4,900 acres

Redinger Lake
Counties: Fresno and Madera
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Big Creek No. 7 Dam
Size: 465 acres

Black Butte Lake
Counties: Glenn and Tehama
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Black Butte Dam
4,560 acres

Salton Sea
Counties: Imperial and Riverside
Type: Natural basin (endorheic rift) flooded since 1905
Size: 240,000 acres

Rosamond Lake
Counties: Kern and Los Angeles
Type: Natural dry lake (endorheic basin)

West Valley Reservoir
Counties: Lassen and Modoc
Type: Reservoir
Dam: West Valley Dam
Size: 1,050 acres

Juniper Lake
Counties: Lassen and Plumas
Type: Natural lake (glacial)
Size: 400 acres

Eastman Lake
Counties: Madera and Mariposa
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Buchanan CA10243 Dam
Size: 1,780 acres

Laguna Lake
Counties: Marin and Sonoma
Type: Natural intermittent lake
Size: 350 acres

Tule Lake
Counties: Modoc and Siskiyou
Type: Natural intermittent lake
Size: 13,000 acres

Lake San Antonio
Counties: Monterey and San Luis Obispo
Type: Reservoir
Dam: San Antonio CA00813 Dam
Size: 5,720 acres

Jackson Meadows Reservoir
Counties: Nevada and Sierra
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Jackson Meadows Dam
Size: 938 acres

Englebright Lake
Counties: Nevada County and Yuba County
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Englebright Dam
Size: 815 acres

Camp Far West Reservoir
Counties: Nevada, Placer, and Yuba
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Camp Far West Dam
Size: 2,050 acres

Prado Reservoir
Counties: Riverside and San Bernardino
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Prado Dam
Size: 6,695 acres

Farmington Flood Control Basin
Counties: San Joaquin and Stanislaus
flood-control reservoir
Dam: Farmington Dam
Size: 4,100 acres

Twitchell Reservoir
Counties: San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara
Type: Reservoir
Dam: Twitchell Dam
Size: 3,700 acres

Lake McCloud
Counties: Shasta and Siskiyou
Type: Reservoir
Dam: McCloud Dam
Size: 520 acres

Mud Lakes
The 30+ Mud Lakes of California (Multiple Counties)

All California Lakes by County

Alameda County Lakes
- Almond Reservoir (Hayward area)
- Berryman Reservoir (Richmond area)
- Bethany Reservoir (Clifton Court Forebay area)
- Calaveras Reservoir (Calaveras Reservoir area)
- Central Reservoir (Oakland East area)
- Cull Canyon Lake (Hayward area)
- Dingee Reservoir (Oakland East area)
- Don Castro Reservoir (Hayward area)
- Frick Lake (Altamont area)
- Frog Pond (historical) (Calaveras Reservoir area)
- Heron Pond (Livermore area)
- Jordan Pond (Newark area)
- Lake Chabot (Hayward area)
- Lake del Valle (Mendenhall Springs area)
- Lake Merritt (Oakland West area)
- Lake Temescal (Oakland East area)
- Middlefield Reservoir (Niles area)
- Mission Reservoir (Niles area)
- Newt Pond (Hayward area)
- Niles Reservoir (Niles area)
- Patterson Reservoir (Altamont area)
- Reservoir Number One (Oakland East area)
- Reservoir Number Two (Oakland East area)
- San Antonio Reservoir (La Costa Valley area)
- Seneca Reservoir (Oakland East area)
- South Reservoir (Hayward area)
- Swimming Lagoon (Niles area)
- The Lagoon (Niles area)
- Thirtyninth Avenue Reservoir (Oakland East area)
- Tule Pond (Niles area)
- Tyson Lake (Oakland East area)
- Upper San Leandro Reservoir (Las Trampas Ridge area)

Alpine County Lakes
Asa Lake (Ebbetts Pass area) Bear Lake (Tamarack area) Beebe Lake (Mokelumne Peak area) Bull Lake (Ebbetts Pass area) Bull Run Lake (Spicer Meadow Reservoir area) Burnside Lake (Carson Pass area) Caples Lake (Caples Lake area) Corrie Lochan (Caples Lake area) Crater Lake (Carson Pass area) Curtz Lake (Markleeville area) Deadwood Lake (Pacific Valley area) Dorothy Lake (Ebbetts Pass area) Dry Lake (Heenan Lake area) Duck Lake (Spicer Meadow Reservoir area) Elephant Rock Lake (Spicer Meadow Reservoir area) Emigrant Lake (Caples Lake area) Evergreen Lake (Pacific Valley area) Fourth of July Lake (Caples Lake area) Frog Lake (Carson Pass area) Frog Lake (Mokelumne Peak area) Golden Lake (Disaster Peak area) Granite Lake (Pacific Valley area) Grouse Lake (Mokelumne Peak area) Half Moon Lake (Dardanelles Cone area) Heenan Lake (Heenan Lake area) Heiser Lake (Spicer Meadow Reservoir area) Hellhole Lake (Pacific Valley area) Highland Lakes (Dardanelles Cone area) Indian Creek Reservoir (Woodfords area) Kinney Reservoir (Ebbetts Pass area) Lake Alpine (Tamarack area) Lily Pad Lake (Pacific Valley area) Lost Lake (Spicer Meadow Reservoir area) Lost Lakes (Carson Pass area) Lower Beebe Lake (Mokelumne Peak area) Lower Blue Lake (Pacific Valley area) Lower Kinney Lake (Ebbetts Pass area) Lower Sunset Lake (Ebbetts Pass area) Meadow Lake (Pacific Valley area) Meiss Lake (Caples Lake area) Mosquito Lake (Pacific Valley area) Mud Lake (Spicer Meadow Reservoir area) Noble Lake (Ebbetts Pass area) Poison Lake (Disaster Peak area) Raymond Lake (Ebbetts Pass area) Red Lake (Carson Pass area) Rice Lake (Pacific Valley area) Rock Lake (Spicer Meadow Reservoir area) Round Top Lake (Caples Lake area) Scotts Lake (Freel Peak area) Scout Carson Lake (Caples Lake area) Sherrold Lake (Ebbetts Pass area) Stevens Lake (Woodfords area) Summit Lake (Ebbetts Pass area) Summit Lake (Markleeville area) Summit Lake (Spicer Meadow Reservoir area) Summit Meadow Lake (Caples Lake area) Sword Lake (Spicer Meadow Reservoir area) Tamarack Lake (Disaster Peak area) Tamarack Lake (Pacific Valley area) Twin Lake (Pacific Valley area) Twin Lakes Reservoir (Caples Lake area) Union Reservoir (Spicer Meadow Reservoir area) Upper Blue Lake (Carson Pass area) Upper Kinney Lake (Ebbetts Pass area) Upper Sunset Lake (Pacific Valley area) Utica Reservoir (Tamarack area) Wet Meadows Reservoir (Ebbetts Pass area) Wheeler Lake (Pacific Valley area) Whitecliff Lake (Disaster Peak area) Winnemucca Lake (Carson Pass area) Wolf Creek Lake (Wolf Creek area) Woods Lake (Caples Lake area)

? County Lakes

? County Lakes

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